Our service line

We, ASAHI Tax Corporation, deliver a full range of services to our clients in areas of tax and accounting as follows:

Domestic Tax Services

We provide a wide range of Japanese tax services including preparation of tax returns for corporate tax, consumption tax, income tax, inheritance tax and/or local taxes. Our professionals share a commitment to the highest quality and speed in dealing with frequent tax reforms, efficiently using our unique and plentiful information network. We will provide our clients with a wide range of practical tax advices as well as the execution of tax return procedures on behalf of our clients.

Accounting Outsourcing Services

We provide a variety of one stop services to our clients to ensure that we manage our clients’ accounting function efficiently and accurately. Our professionals share a commitment to the highest quality and speed in undertaking and processing accounting work of our clients, particularly for management accounting system on a monthly closing basis.

Support Services for Establishment of Corporations

We provide our clients with basic tax compliance services as well as supporting services in respect of taxation imposed upon establishment of corporations in Japan. We offer support services to help our clients for establishment and development of corporations in a short period, ranging from venture business to university corporate relations business.

International Taxation Service

We provide a wide range of high-quality tax services for your company’s international transactions, including withholding tax management, anti-tax haven taxation, foreign tax credit system, and tax treaties.


Transfer pricing Consulting Services

We provide our clients with various transfer pricing consulting services. We offer advice related to the Japanese transfer pricing taxation system. We also support clients’ transfer pricing documentation requirement (i.e. Master File, CbC Report, and Local File) in accordance with Japanese transfer pricing tax law.

Supporting for Business Expansion into ASEAN Countries

We support Japanese companies in expanding the business into the ASEAN countries in conjunction with our member firms of PT. Asahi Networks Indonesia (ANI), incorporated in Indonesia, ASAHI NETWORKS PHILS INC.(ANP), incorporated in Philippines and ASAHI NETWORKS THAILAND CO., LTD (ANT), incorporated in Thailand. Each ANI, ANP and ANT has Japanese tax & accounting professionals.

Services for Foreign Corporations and Foreign Nationals

We provide the following support for foreign companies: establishing companies in Japan; preparing various tax returns such as corporate tax and consumption tax; and providing tax compliance services such as income tax returns for expatriates, as well as tax consulting services.

Valuation Services

Our valuation specialists provide complete and objective valuation services for the stock of closely held corporations, using valuation approaches and methods that are appropriate for the subject valuation engagement in view of Japanese Inheritance Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law and/or Income Tax.

Tax Consulting Services for Corporate Restructuring

With our detailed understanding of the corporate restructuring tax rules (including mergers and spinoffs), we offer our clients best proposals to manage tax issues relating to such transactions.


Consolidation Services

We provide various kinds of services regarding the preparation of annual consolidation package.

Support Services for Consolidated Corporation Tax Filings

According to our clients’ needs in consolidated corporation tax filings, we offer support services to help our clients to start up the operations. Our professionals share a commitment to the highest quality and speed in implementing consolidated corporation tax filing system for our clients, together with our expertise and knowledge in this area.

Public Corporation Services

We offer various support services for the establishment and management of public interested corporations, including various work from compiling the documents required for an establishment to the application for public benefit status approval, settling accounts and filing tax returns.

Consulting Services for Inheritance & Business Succession

With an unwavering commitment to the efficiency and effectiveness in view of tax treatment, we offer our clients more strategic countermeasures targeting the particular situation of inheritance and/or business succession faced by individual business owners and companies.